DCS functional arrangements

The offer is divided into three product versions: Dynamic Server, Dynamic Data Center and Dynamic Storage.

DCS overview

As part of that, the Dynamic Data Center (DDC) and the Dynamic Server (DS) constitute two versions of Infrastructures as a Service, abbreviated: IaaS).

The Dynamic Server (DS) product can be employed rather easily. However, compared to DDC, it is limited in terms of its range of functions. DS allows one to operate virtual servers, which are available in eight performance and three service categories. The compute power available (CPU, RAM) is fixed within a performance category. Every system is allocated a fixed amount of storage (primary storage), which is 80 GB. If required, an additional storage partition can be added (blocks of 100 GB are available). Communication with additional dynamic servers takes place via an internal network. In addition, a DS for communication with the Internet can be connected to an external network. For secure external communication, there is the option to set up rudimentary firewall configurations (port holes).

Complex multi-tier architectures can be set up with the Dynamic Data Center (DDC) product. In contrast with the Dynamic Server product, this product is not based on fixed system configurations, rather on resource pools. The resource pools include the amount of compute power (CPU power), RAM and storage available in a data center. In addition, there is the option to create several internal and external networks and to implement the requisite security concept for a virtual data center by means of firewalls that can be configured in a variety of ways.

The Dynamic Storage (DSt) product also allows one to use geo-redundant object storage, independent of or in combination with DDC and DS. The administration of storage pools and the setting up of tenants (users with access rights to storage pools) is handled via the same portal, which is also used for the administration of the infrastructure cloud resources (DS & DDC).

Below, this document focuses on the design possibilities for DDC and DS. You will find a detailed description about the fields of application and configuration options of Dynamic Storage at: Dynamic Storage with DCS configuration

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